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Tangled (Book of Souls, #1) - Bridget Maris WHAT I THOUGHT:
Well I have definitely been where Rachel was at the beginning of the story, I've been dumped and thought my life was over and would've given anything to feel no pain. So this book is great for someone young and at that stage of feeling hopeless or in fact like me who has reminisced about being that young.

So what would you do if someone was there to offer you a way out? Taking away your heartache but still able to live. This book shows you exactly that but of course just like anything in life everything comes at a price and unfortunately for Rachel there are consequences to her choices.

Rachel gets her heartbroken by her summer love, Justin, on the first day back at school, she is then forced to watch him with different girls. One day she walks down one of the lonely corridors and notices a couple heavily making out, she then realises it's Justin. She immediately runs away and hides in a classroom where she meets Mr H, he knows exactly how she feels and offers her a way out.

He tells her to come back when the feelings are unbearable.

Rachel returns to Mr H in a matter of days, he say all she has to do is sign her name on a piece of paper and she will feel numb from her heartache. Feeling slightly hesitant she signs the paper and despite the little pain in her hand when signing she starts to feel numb.

I was actually surprised i like this book as much as i did, i think if we did take the paranormal out we were left with a whole novel on real life teenage problems and that is what i enjoyed about this book, the majority of the areas i were able to relate to and understand and i think a lot of other people would feel the same way too.

I think every teenage girl ever been in high school can relate to Rachel, I know i did. I also related to her in the sense that sometimes I could be quite popular in school but the majority of the time i was rather a loner and it's not easy growing up in this day and age where feelings a thrown about like a yoyo.

The cover art definitely needs a little work done to it, unfortunately i don't see anything that tells you about the book, or even what is the general target audience for this book and that's a shame. I would love to see this book with a brand new cover over the next year or so.