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Shadowlands - Kate Brian Shadowlands was such an alluring, thrilling and damn right cryptic novel.

The story consumed me; right from the very beginning I was hooked but It’s not until I finished and dissected the story that I did find it quite unrealistic. There was so much going on through the plot that it left me thinking far too much, I was constantly guessing what would be coming next.

"It wasn't the way he usually did things, but he could adjust. He could adapt. That was the mark of a highly developed human being."

The story was told from two very unique perspectives. The first was from the POV from Rory our main character, the majority of the story is told from her side helping us to understand her as a person, as a sister and as a daughter. The next was from the POV from Steven Nell, the serial killer that tried to attack Rory at the start of the book. Every now and then we had enigmatic one page chapters told in third person adding to the suspense of the book.

Character development was quite slow and I was 50/50 over the Miller family and here is why. When we are first introduced to them after the traumatic incident that leaves them to uproot their life, we see that there are clearly some issues, issues that are still yet to be resolved and that they've harboured for years. We have a father who has failed to bring up his two girls after their mother died, hiding away into himself we see he had clearly shut down and blocked everything out. Then we have Darcy, Darcy is the typical 'look at me, look at me' kind of girl. When the attack happens on her younger sister she is more bothered about not being able to go to her friend's graduation party and finds it more of an inconvenience to stay home just to be "protected". Lastly our main character Rory, Rory has just been attacked, yet her actions are simple, simple in the way is that it appears she doesn't seem to be affected by what happened to her unless it is physically staring at her in the face.

The years of guilt and the shame for shutting each other out of their lives is finally coming to the surface. They have all dealt with the issue of their mother dying from cancer very differently. Rory, just like her father had cocooned herself and focused on her school academics where Darcy tries the 'get over it and move on' approach focusing more on her social life of friends and parties.

Dad nodded and looked away. "Do you think we could do that?" he asked after a moment. "Do you think we could try? For her?"

Over the time, the now Thayer family still have some issues but as they move into the Witness Protection Programme we see then that they're all trying to bring the family together, their father even more so. It's not a quick transition but it is there, slowly chipping away the bad feelings they've all kept inside.

Juniper Landing from the get go seemed like a strange place, there is such suspense again in the not knowing part. We know of no geographical location just the fact that it is a holiday town. The local kids seem very prominent around the island, as if they have more authority over any adults/guests. Rory instantly feels out of place, with the stares she receives and the fact that they're all paying attention to her rather than her gorgeous sister for one.

Every one of them watched my approach as if I were some kind of prophet. As if I were going to start glowing from within and spout the meaning of life.

The development of the plot was a very cat and mouse game. At first we're dealing with a serial killer, having the family running away, the next we have Rory looking for clues and trying to figure out some unexplainable things that are happening on Juniper Landing and then lastly Rory is running away again from what she believes may be hallucinations from PTSD something she suffered with after he mother died. It just doesn't feel as if there is a smooth area in the plot it's all bumpy.

Overall I definitely felt my feelings got the best of me and I thought better of this book, but I will continue the series after such a heavy bomb was planted right at the end.


The covers are beautiful, it was one of the main reasons why I wanted to pick up the book. The only things weird about it is that the main character is Rory who is blonde and her sister Darcy is a brunette and the girls on the cover appear to be back to front, with Darcy on the front and Rory placed on the back, also the girls didn't look how I expected them to especially Rory.
Pretty Dark Nothing - Heather L. Reid Quinn Taylor had everything she needed, head cheerleader, perfect jock boyfriend, star student and a beautiful home life. That is until her father decided to take off with another woman. Eighteen months pass. Eighteen months of nightmares, with so much destruction from the Demons invading her dreams Quinn has resulted to insomnia.

With high energy drinks and caffeine pills Quinn loses everything, her boyfriend and cheer leading caption spot and all to Kerstin. With her grades going down Quinn is slowly losing who she is even more so when the Demons decide to attack outside of her dreamscape. What has she done to deserve such cruelty? Has she finally lost it? Demons aren't real, are they?

Aaron has held some dark secrets, after he was brought back to life twice he has been able to see into other people's minds with just a touch of skin on skin. The only problem is he can't remember anything before his coma.


It's been awhile since I read such an amazing paranormal story. With my summer being taken over by my love for New Adult I decided with the A/W months I should get back into the spirit (pun intended) of reading paranormal/fantasy. This story really had me engaged from the beginning. It was as if the Demons themselves had captured me and made me read on.

This was more of a horror paranormal than a romance paranormal. We still have romance in the plot but it was more powerful and darker than I expected.

The character development was great. We have two point of views one of course from our main character Quinn and the other again form our second character Aaron. We're introduced to Quinn first, and not lightly. She has already been suffering for months with her problem sleeping and this night she drifts off to sleep and we see what is eating her dreams and her soul. The next day we're introduced to Aaron, Aaron has noticed Quinn about school and can see that she is in a bad place and all he wants to do is help her and make her feel better. When he gets the courage to ask her out (a little help from his best friend Marcus) the unthinkable happens Quinn passes out in the hallway and Aaron catches her before she hits the ground. With this skin on skin contact Aaron is able to see she is harbouring something dark.

Quinn as a character made me nervous, with so much confusion and hate from the Demons I really was waiting for the big breakdown from her, her actions almost turn crazy. Aaron was a lovely character I really liked him but I think his amnesia has caused too much damage, he's almost too clueless to who he really is. The sub characters Marcus and Reese were great back up characters with themselves creating a relationship Aaron and Quinn then had a connection.

Over the time of the plot we see them struggle with their relationship. It is very rocky at first with both of them not really taking the time to understand each other, there are miscommunication that are caused by Quinn's Demons. With this is we start to notice that the Demons do not want Aaron around Quinn and that makes me raise questions. Throughout it is pretty much a guessing game until the very end.

The plot was great, the descriptions of Quinn's dreams were so vivid and the story was smooth. Reid was able to build the tension up in the plot to then just drop us in a heap of cold water at the end. This debut novel by Heather L. Reid was truly stunning and trembling, I will definitely be inclined to read more of her work when the time comes.
Epiphany - Christina Jean Michaels A very hectic and crushing story. Mystery/thriller mixed with Paranormal Michaels really bought the story to life in a compelling way.

Mackenzie "Mac" Hill moves to Watcher's Point in hopes at starting a new life, after leaving a boyfriend who doesn't trust her and a mother that lied about who her father, she decides it is time to move on. After months of living in Watcher's Point (a town to which her mother grew up) and befriending her luscious red headed neighbour and co-worker Six she's finally starting to let her hair down that is until she bumps into Aidan.

Staring down at the guy she has drew and dreamt about intimately for two years Mackenzie can't believe he is real and not only that why is he in town and why now?

All of a sudden a death of a girl who was tortured, raped and then hung is to be believed to have been the work of a serial killer from Boise and Mackenzie witnessed the whole thing... in her dreams. Mackenzie doesn't believe she is psychic but she can't come up with any other explanation. Then she dreams of an attack on Aidan on Halloween night the same night that drags her down the rabbit hole to the mysteries of Watcher's Point, Aidan Payne and the Boise Hangman.


I really enjoyed this book, and I was surprised i liked this book as much as i did. We are instantly in suspense from the get go, the prologue teases us so much that we're constantly waiting for the scene to take place. All the way through, it was a guessing game. Not once did Christina Michaels give us any clues to who the murderer was, but she gave a little things so we could come up with motives for everyone making us understand Mackenzie and Aidan's anxiety.

I loved 4/5ths of this book, it was catchy and kept us on edge but it wasn't until the end where everything got a bit full on. There was a bit too much going on for my liking but as I know this is the first book in the Legacy of Payne series that we may simply being introduced to what might occur in the next novels. The story held so much suspense and was focused on the killings and Mackenzie's psychic ability rather than her and Aidan's relationship... well, that is until the end.

The story is told from the POV of Mackenzie, a character in which i found stubborn but lonely. From going to having everything, a loving boyfriend who she'd known since fourth grade and a career ahead of her, her life stops in a blink of an eye as she goes from her easy going life to working in a bar serving Officer Judd and his on again/off again girlfriend (and to be believed Mackenzie's half sister) Christie. Mackenzie's guard is pretty high. She is very tough and very adamant when she tells men "no" but she is so mesmerized by Aidan and what he may symbolise in her life she lets him in quite willingly.

Aidan was a character I adored, he was strong, sexy and just masculine and i love that in a lead male character, of course he's only a dream guy but he was just compelling and he stood his ground. As he gets close to Mackenzie he is nothing if not devoted to her, as he tries to protect her the best he can as she is now involved in the Hangman killings. My only issue is that he is trusted so easily by Mackenzie and she doesn't bat an eyelid to his many quirky mannerisms.

About 3/5ths of the way through we are hit with a pretty big twister on the book, something quite disturbing and it was interesting to see how Michaels played this scenario out. I just wish when Mackenzie finds out about the truth that she focused not on just her but on Aidan too as they both would need the support to figure out the issue at hand.

I thoroughly enjoyed the plot, is was smooth and transitioned effortlessly I will definitely be keeping an eye out for the next book in the series as I want to know more about Aidan and maybe he brother Logan, maybe the next book will be about him *fingers crosses*.


There is a touch of femininity to the cover which i love as if we took away the pink on the cover we would have a classic mystery/thriller cover. I wasn't a great fan of the font treatment on 'Epiphany' but I have grown to tolerate it, maybe even like it!
Love in Darkness - E.M. Tippetts REVIEW

A dark and lonely vision from the mind of a new schizophrenic. A story told from the point of view from Alex Katsumoto a teen tyrant now turned Mormon who grew up looking after his mother who has a severe case of schizophrenia.

The second book in the Shattered Castle series we are focused on Alex, half American and half Japanese. Alex grew up looking after is mom, with no help from the community or even school Alex was piratically a mute until he started talking to Madison. Alex renounces his faith and becomes apart of the Mormon Community who open their arms to the notorious trouble maker. Alex leaves for his mission with the Mormons in which he'll be gone for two years but not before he breaks Madison's heart.

Two years later and Alex has his first psychotic episode in an underground subway in Japan to which he is hospitalized and is told he has the tendencies of a schizophrenic but cannot fully diagnosed as it's just early stages. But Alex knows, he knows it's not a one time thing and that he finally realises he will lose his mind just like the woman he grew up with.

Returning home Alex has to confront his past which includes Madison and her older brother John, who warns Alex to stay away from his sister. Eventually with the help of the community that once failed him he starts to gain friendships he never had when growing up, but can he really rely on anyone once his mental illness takes over?


A beautifully written story. So much happened in the first book that I was then excited to read about Alex's story. Unfortunately for me I have someone who is close to me in my family who has been recently diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia and seeing Alex's story is like reading the story of said family member and it's actually quite heartbreaking.

Once Alex has his first episode he realises he might not be able to go back to the person he was before his mission. When Alex was with Madison it was her who suggested he should complete his community service helping out in a home for the disabled (as he smashed up Officer Li's police car in book 1). Realising he had a gift he carried it on as a job and learning the best ways to help other people just before his mission.

The story was hard to read but the depth was great, i don't think i've read a book detailing both the physical and mental suffering someone has to go through when dealing with a mental illness not only that but someone who doesn't feel he should have help even when his support system is rather large.

Alex is a strong but stubborn character, seeing first hand just what the illness did to his mother and to himself when growing up he can't even begin to think to put anyone else in his shoes once the role is switched. Once Alex turns around his ways and starts helping out he gains respect from almost anyone and even though he feels he cannot carry on helping out those who need help once he is back from his mission he is still there to offer support to those who need it. This i believe is Alex's downfall, his selfless ways actually adds strain and instead of looking after number one he is bombarded with looking after everyone else causing him to have two more episodes, both in which were rather bad.

Alex's story isn't just focused on his life and his learning of his mental stability there is a focus on Madison, his girlfriend in book one. Alex is completely in love with Madison and his love hasn't dwindled in the two years apart. The only problem is that he cannot put her through what he went through when he had to nurse his mother. So every encounter they have with each other Alex is constantly pushing her away.

Madison was our main character in the first book and seeing her from a different POV is different. I actually preferred her character in book one. In this book she appears needy and actually quite selfish, knowing Alex's reasoning to why they shouldn't get back together she simply ignores him and is constantly pushing him which unfortunately cause more upset to his mental state.

One of the main things i loved about this book it the different ethic groups, for once we have a young adult book that doesn't just focus on the White-American or White-British, I'm sure a lot of readers out there would agree with me that this is something we've picked up on and we definitely need to bring more of this into young adult. So this is one thing I'm extremely happy about.

To me young adult is all about the exploration of life for those still growing up, it is to learn and to grow with these books and unlike new adult it isn't just exploration of love and lust, it's many thing and one of these things is mental illness sometimes the idea of anyone having a mental illness or it being mentioned is rather taboo but what this story shows us is that there are various forms and what you think you may know about someone's mental state could be completely wrong.

This book of course focuses on the mental illness of Schizophrenia but we are also introduced to Bi-Polar Disorder and other challenging lifestyles such as Autism and Down Syndrome introducing these is great but unfortunately for me the downfall was all of a sudden there was an influx of of all these lifestyles in the book. I wasn't too sure if it was the authors intention to relay to her readers that disability and mental illness is more common than everyone thinks and that reason alone is beautiful but I just felt that all of a sudden there were all these new people with different issues and they just kept coming, which was why I only gave 4*.

To me this series should be read by everyone, they really do concentrate on a variety of issues. To me it's not just about reading a story it's about being educated.


The covers a beautifully done and I really do love the covers in this series, they're not too over dramatic and they don't focus on anything in particular the cover lets us think and find out own assumptions on the story without it being shoved into our faces.
No Reverse - Marion Croslydon REVIEW

Such a rollercoaster of a read, every emotion is brought out to the front of the pages and not only that the story was full of twists and turns that made the story original.

Cassie is a high school dropout, getting pregnant and married at seventeen is not the life she wanted for herself or for her husband Josh. So she does the unforgivable she has an abortion behind Josh's back...

Five years pass and Cassie has to bury her grandmother, she holds her head high at the funeral so no one, especially Mr McBride the town mayor and Josh's father can see her pain. After she sends everyone on their way after the funeral she gets two letter that change her life completely.

Now heading to the UK to finally has to come clean about what really happened five years ago she comes face to face with a future that she knows deep down cannot happen.


I'm becoming increasingly annoyed with New Adult recently, in order to be original they seem to be coming up with these crazy scenarios that just seem completely unrealistic. When Cassie goes to Josh and finally tells him the truth about what happened those many years ago, her actions were quite frankly unforgivable yet all seems to be forgiven at the end. I will admit though the book does have an original plot (...well to some extent...) but the premise of the story just didn't attract me.

As i mentioned there were so many emotions going on and the subject is very tough one to approach. The story was told from two POVs which was done in a way that I hadn't come across before and I actually quite enjoyed. Present day was told by Cassie and the past was told by Josh. It offered us an unique insight to their life and their emotions and though process' through the difficult times that they had to face.

The characters were touch an go for me, Cassie wasn't someone I particularly liked and I felt that I had to have sympathy for her for what she did. To me Cassie was quite a weak character, some people may think she appears strong but unfortunately for me she was weak and that quality in a woman is quite off putting. Josh, again he was quite strange, I'm so happy he moved on but his actions and indecisiveness was so unattractive and again i truly believe his character was weak.

I loved Sam, albiet his actions were a little weird. My only real issue is that I find it hard to believe you'd find another fellow American so close to you in the UK, and believe me i have lived in the UK all my life and I rarely come across Americans (unless my step mom comes to visit from Texas) but that is a bit of a personal itch, but hey, i could be wrong. Anyway, Sam definitely an intriguing character I just wish he played a bigger part in the book. It was almost if Marion tried to tease us but because Sam wasn't given a big enough of a role it almost seemed pointless that he existed in the story which was a shame as I felt i connected to him more than either of the main characters.

Overall it was a bit half and half, some areas i did enjoy and the style of writing was executed well i just merely disliked the story for it being unrealistic and with New Adult novels unless they are paranormal/ fantasy they need to stick to more of a story most people can relate to.


So yeah, New Adult cover. KISSY FACE! I'm sorry I cannot help it, also I can't seem to understand where I got "kissy face" from. I don't mean not to be rude to the designers or authors but I just want a New Adult cover that does not have a couple embracing, being swung around or kissing etc it actually gives away the endings... Also, is it just me but do they look a little cold? England is NOT that cold!
Splintered - A.G. Howard,  Rebecca Gibel Unfortunately for me the experience of this book was not great. At first the book had me hooked by after a while I just couldn't get into it no matter how hard i made myself. Which left me ultimately in the end to dismissing the book.

hopefully I can try again with this book but for now it remain unfinished.
High Risk Love - Shannon Mayer What would you do when your whole life has come crashing down? Both parents are dead and you've just had to watch your last light of life diminish in your arms. Jasmin has had to deal with a lot over the last five years. Mourning for too long after her brother's death, Jasmin has come to the realisation she needs a job to start paying for all the medical bills and home expenses before she's out on her butt. Jasmin realises that it is probably best to try for a job at her best friend Lily's workplace.

WILD CHILD is the hot new magazine which sets up interviews with the up and coming stuntmen / daredevils and they happen to be looking for a photographer. Jasmin is almost reluctant to take the job, after the hardship of losing people so close to her she just doesn't understand why anyone would risk their life for the fun of it. After impressing Paul, the manager at WILD CHILD she is sent on her trial assignment to Mexico for find out about Jet the ever growing stuntman who lets nothing get in his way. There is only one rule, do NOT sleep with the interviewee...but as soon as she gets to Mexico she is hit on by an obnoxious but gorgeous guy which only just turns out to be Jet!


A creative and exciting plot. I was rather excited to be given this book to review, being a photographer myself I know all the struggles of finding a job in said field but I was a little struck to realise that photography wasn't a passion of Jasmin's just merely a hobby, this itself left me feeling a slight negative.

The story is told from two POVs of both Jasmin and Jet. Right the way we are were thrown into Jet's point of view which is quite hard to read at first knowing what he goes through while growing up, then instantly after the first chapter we're with Jasmin and witnessing her heartache.

What i loved about the book was the feelings mixing around, both Jet and Jasmin haven't had the best lives and have had to deal with some crap growing up but they instantly connect. Due to the fact they both understand each other they are able to release the other and make them feel free. Although their connection is somewhat alluring Jasmin struggles letting Jet close, 1) because if she gets too close she might not be able to keep her job at WILD CHILD and 2) she's lost so much already and due to the risks of Jet's work can she go through the heartache again if anything happens to him... that's if she lets him get close.

What i disliked about the book is that at some points it felt a little impersonal, what i like about books like this is the tight nit characters but everyone now and then we were given a new name and sometimes names that were too similar i had to think back to see if that character was the one i was thinking of!

Jet is a loose cannon, from all the beats he had growing up made him and his little brother into the men they are today but sometimes the damage can seem too impariabe. Jet has had to live with a life of blame, blame for who he is and for not protecting himself and his brother sooner. Losing their mother at a young age, Jet's father remarried and became a child's worst nightmare. So now, Jet likes to keep his feelings at bay but when he meets Jasmin he cannot control himself... from all the women he's slept with and lost himself in he has NEVER felt the connection as he does with Jasmin which excites but scares the hell out of him.

Jet as a character was exciting and he was exhausting. I really feel Shannon portrayed Jet perfectly from his obnoxious ways to his cuddly charms. Jet is quite loveable, we can see instantly how much he cares about his friends and his brother which of course is always a striking charm with men.

Jamin was definitely a lot harder to read, she not only placed a barrier with Jet but also with the readers. Now and then we were able to crack the happy facade and see her true colours but the majority of the time she wouldn't allow us to get to know her. Again Sharron's way of writing her characters is amazing, she really sends across the messages perfectly.


This cover was created by Okay Creations. I like this cover, it's vibrant and even though it's quite busy it not too distracting at all. Plus of course is receives bonus points for NOT having **Kissy face**!!
Dead and Missing (Ripsters #2) - Chris  Myers REVIEW:

After solving the case in Date with the Dead the and Jolie being introduced to her father this book takes the Ripsters team for another ride. With all the team, including Reece being initiated into the Guild to help them expand their powers they seem to be on the clock.

While Jolie plans to spend some time with her absentee father Brittany decides to keep Drew busy by taking him fishing only to find a crying girl over the other side by bloody bond. The girl appears to be dead and who seems to have drown long before their time. Brittany and Drew think it's a good idea to try and help her the crying girl only resulting in Brittany being pushed into an old well and Drew disappears. How will Brit get out of the damn well but also how will she tell Jolie she lost her stupid ghost!

A thrilling sequel to Date with the Dead, Chris Myers left nothing out. We are now thrown into the Guild something that is even more bigger than what the Ripsters crew had imagined. fighting their way to get Drew back but also to find out who they are and complete the tasks handed to them from the Guild. Heading back to the days of the Salem Witch Trials we find connections between the light and dark practitioners.

I love in this book how Jolie and Brittany get a lot closer, we also learn a lot more about the grown ups in this book. Told from the POV of both Jolie and Brittany we are able to see what they are both thinking and feeling and to my amazement they are both quite similar, other than their dress sense of course.

Brittany cannot catch a break in this book and although she knows Jolie is obviously the favourite of the Guild and of everyone else she has nothing but adoration herself for her friend. Their bond just gets stronger and stronger. Even when Brit is struck by Demons and is literally sick she pushes herself to help everyone.

My feelings for the characters still remain quite positive other than Hayden for some reason i find Hayden's thoughts and actions to be somewhat sinister, it was only subtle but there were just thing that got under my skin. For instance his extreme jealousy over Drew... when Brit tells Jolie that Drew has disappeared Jolie believes he must've crossed over and Hayden constantly badgers Jolie to let go. To me his words and actions were just a little to harsh, Drew is someone who was constant for Jolie in a time when she was alone and for Hayden to be jealous and unsympathetic I was just confused and felt I needed to know more of who Hayden really is.

Reece was always one of my favourite characters in book one and it's quite a shame we don't get to really see much of him, he's always there but there is less dialogue for him. I do however find that now Reece gained some of his powers there has been a positive change in his attitude even him and Hayden are getting a long better.

Even though this book was a split between Jolie and Brittany I still found Jolie to be the forefront on the book, which make us see the importance she holds as a character to the plot. Overall the series for me so far is great and I cannot wait now till a third book is released!


I have major issues with this cover, I know we're seeing Brittany, but I don't get why she has such a blank expression and was Photoshopped excessively? Again, the font treatment is not the best, I would love to see both covers in the series to be reworked so we can see they do belong together as a series because as it stands at the moment there is nothing linking them other than Chris Myers' name.
Date with the Dead (Ripsters, #1) - Chris  Myers REVIEW:

An outstanding, fun and witty book. Full of mystery the book has a strong plot and was executed brilliantly. I never felt out of the loop which i can sometimes feel with Paranormal/Mystery novels.

Jolie Livingston is not some ordinary girl, no, Jolie can see and talk to the dead which helps her with a quest to get them into the afterlife. The only problem, Jolie and her mother have to move to Plymouth after her aunt Ophelia is suspected dead after gone missing at sea and also her only friend and best friend is Drew... who is dead. Now setting up her Ripsters business in Plymouth she attracts the attention of Reece, Haydan and Brit and more of Brit's Lacrosse 'friends' who just want to cause trouble.

Jolie is a great character, she is very level headed and knows what to do and say. The only thing Jolie doesn't know, is how to have friends or let people close. Jolie has been pretty content over the last year and a half with Drew so when Reece shows up as a double booked ghost hunter at the same case she was hired at she realises it is best for both of them to work together as she has more knowledge about ghosts and he has all the equipment to track them.

What I loved about the book was that is was such an easy and chilled read, the plot didn't get too complicated and Chris Myers definitely covered her tracks to make sure there was no lose ends. The characters were great and all added a little something extra.

Drew: Drew is our annoying but loveable ghost. Drew attached himself to Jolie a year and a half ago after Jolie was contacted by his parents after an accidental suicide. Even though Drew is dead he is there to help Jolie wherever and whenever she needs it.

Reece: Reece is the ultra smart guy who almost competes on an intellectual level with Jolie, he is also quite rich which obviously helps when it comes to the equipment needed for their ghost hunting. When the other members start joining Rispters we see a change in his attitude, as Reece is the only one not to have any sort of 'powers' he is almost left out, well except he sneezes and snots all over the place when a ghost is near him.

Brittany: Brittany is the pink covered SAP, literally covered in pink from head to toe! She is outspoken and also a daddy's little girl which gets her her own way quite a lot. Brit is also like Jolie and can see ghosts the only difference is that Brittany can touch them too unlike Jolie who wishes she could.

Hayden: Hayden is Jolie's love interest but hallelujah it is not at the forefront of the novel. We're introduce to Hayden pretty quickly at the beginning of the novel, we learn that he has just lost his mother in a car crash and seems to be on a slippery slope with his emotions. Jolie lets her selfless self take over as she learns that Hayden can also hear snippets of ghosts and invites him to join the group.


I really like how we see Jolie on the cover but I wish there was just something more...or even cropped closer on the face. The font really needs some work as i don't particularly think it work, especially with the emboss effect.
Love Square (Love Square, #1) - Jessica Ingro REVIEW:

Closure, one word that seems all too familiar for most people, closure can be good but can also hurt but not having full closure can be all too damaging. This is a story of love, betrayal, lust and forgiveness. Oh, and a lot of sex!!
To all the women out there trying to find themselves... this is for you"

Samantha Monroe has been married for 10 years to Aiden, her college sweetheart but recently home life has been a bit tough. Failing to get pregnant Sam and Aiden have pulled back into themselves resulting into cold hugs and non existent kisses. Nowadays all Sam wants to do is find a way to regain her and Aiden's lost love but one book signing changes those plans.

Samantha is dumbstruck when she sees Jacob Matthews, her high school 'mess around' coming to see her at her book signing one afternoon. Jake was the one that broke her heart and got away, so when Jake offers to take her out for a catch up drink she takes him up on the offer which leads to an innocent kiss starting an affair.


There was just so much to take in at the beginning of the book, everything happened too quickly, but i suppose it does show us how quickly these situations can escalate. In the beginning Samantha told Jacob she was married and even pushed him away when he kissed her but as soon as he pays her attention a couple of weeks later she puts her marriage on the back burner.

"You can't sit there and talk like that to me! It's not fair, damn it! You're putting me in a horrible position. Are you really that selfish to make me choose? I chose to spend the rest of my life with Aiden. That isn't the type of decision you make lightly" - Samantha Monroe

It was quite hard reading this book because there is so much betrayal to the point i was squinting and feeling quite worried about reading the next line... yes that's right I was squinting! I disliked Jake from the beginning and throughout this book he did not even gain my sympathy, he was manipulator and a home wrecker as he was the one to pursue Samantha knowing full well she was married. I'm not saying Sam was not at fault though because she very much was, because of course it takes two to tango.

Samantha though did gain my sympathy, cheating is never right and to be honest the excuses are inexcusable but there are thousand of women and men out there that do go through this spell, before she started the affair she definitely should have spoken to Aiden or try and see the situation from his side. There is nothing worse than a relationship with no communication. She even gained my sympathy every time she tried to break of the relationship with Jacob but he ALWAYS found a way to worm himself back under her skin by either getting angry or forcing himself on her with kisses and touches to which she gives in.

"You don't get to walk away from us, Sam. Do you hear me? You are mine, baby! Mine!" - Jacob Matthews

I loved Aiden as a character, right from the start i knew there was a problem and i did hope he himself wasn't having an affair but i could tell something was definitely bothering him to the point he wasn't even making conversation with Samantha. Even what we learn at the end of the book I liked Aiden, all he wants is to love his wife and make sure she is well looked after and happy and he clearly learns from his mistake of shutting her out.

"You can't expect him to know what you're thinking. No guy is going to be like one of your book boyfriends. Women write those characters, not men."
Overall the book was intense but I just didn't like how quick the start was in fact it put me off quite a bit to the point i had to put it down for a few days. Luckily the rest of the book was able to bring me back up to liking it.

I like how this cover does not look like every other New Adult novel cover, but unfortunately it does have 'kissy face' x2 which i am getting slightly bored of seeing. I also am not a fan of colour on black and white. I'm a big No, No for colour splashes and a lot of book covers seem to be doing this a lot. I just want to hit the designers upside the head and shout "NO!".
Now or Never - A.J. Bennett A new New Adult novel that will keep you guessing and needing to turn the page. A.J. Bennet's Now or Never is a story of seeking freedom...

All Grayson ‘Grace / Gray’ Alexander wants is to finally get away from her jealous crazed fiancé. The question is, why did she even agree to marry him? He didn’t put the ring on her finger because he actually wanted to marry her, no; he only put it on to show other people that she is not available. So when Josh comes home one day going crazy calling her names and accusing her of cheating while at the Library she has had enough. Standing up to him seems like a good idea at the time but when he shoves her up against the wall with his hands around her neck it IS the last time.

Grayson decides to flee during the night while Josh is on his night shift and out of paranoia throws her mobile phone out of the window in fear of him having put in a tracking device and following her. After staying in a sleazy motel for one night she decides to head back home to her mother’s so she can get herself back on her feet. Even better yet her twin sister Luna has moved back from Florida.

On her way back into town she is intercepted by Derrick a guy after her attention after a minor encounter creating high chemistry in the local Starbucks. Grayson doesn’t want to get into anything serious and accepts Derrick’s number; unfortunately Derrick is on her brothers Special Forces Team to whom has put a “NO GO” zone on his little sisters.

Grayson as a character is very relatable; I’ve been in a smaller but quite similar situation to hers in regarding an obsessed love and understand her lifestyle of not really enjoying the club scene. It’s almost sad that she has spent three precious years of her life on someone who doesn’t really appreciate all she is and who has the need to hurt her mentally and physically scarring her so much it takes her a while to leave him. Although this was only a small area of the novel I thought it was put across just enough, enough for us to see Grayson and understand her a bit more.

What some people might dislike about the story is what I liked, for instance Grayson went from having an abusive relationship of 2-3 years to having an open relationship and gone from being with 1 partner to 4. With the persuasion from her twin sister Luna, she is almost pressured to go out and seek attention from the heavily populated military town, because the men won't be there tomorrow. So she does just that, she is only young after all.

Although some people may not believe that someone who has been physically abused would actually seek out sexual partners it would probably more common than if they didn't. For instance in Grayson's case she finds control while she has sex and actually uses that to her advantage at the beginning of the book with Josh and just like people who have depression or eating disorders when someone has gone through a trauma no matter how little or big it is that person on the receiving end just wants to find a release and gain back control in their life. This is exactly what she does.

When Grayson finally gives into her desires to be with Derrick things though they seem rather easy become more complicated. Grayson is determined not to get into a serious relationship so soon after breaking up with Josh and is just seeking a release and of course to get Derrick out of her system. So when she starts feeling more for Derrick will she be able to cope with the secrets he's kept from her?

I feel this story is about Grayson and less about the "relationship" she's carrying out which Derrick which we always see at the forefront on NA Novels. It's refreshing to not be bombarded with two POV's and to generally know about our main character.


I love this cover, it's is not the typical kissy face New Adult cover. In fact it doesn't even look like it should be for a New Adult novel, I see a more Dystopian / Sci-Fi feel to it even right down to the title font. Saying that even though it's not something we would see we can still see the vulnerability and raw delicacy of Grayson.
Speak Easy - Melanie Harlow REVIEW:

We’re transported back into the 1920’s where the Gin is cold but the Piano’s HOT... Okay. Okay, I won’t do it again so enough Chicago referencing for me. This is the debut, tantalizing and dangerous novel by Melanie Harlow. Unbelievably nerve tingling you’ll be grabbing the edge of your seat, oh and you might as well start pouring yourself a G&T, like now!

We’re invited into the life of Tiny a twenty year old nursing student who is working for her father’s bootlegging business for importing booze from Canada. Taking care of her two kid sister’s while her father works on cars creating secret compartments Tiny just wants more out of life.

Then one week her life turns upside down.

After the beautiful but mysterious guy who has movie star looks that any woman would swoon over, starts coming into her older sisters shop buying packs of cigarettes with $50 notes she is totally smitten. Little does she know he is Ezno ‘the sheik’ DiFore, the son of mobster Angel DiFore who has been bothering Tiny’s father with the promise of “protection” for his bootlegging business. Due to her father ignoring the DiFore’s, he gets himself kidnapped which then Tiny has to then come up with the ransom money, all $10,000 of it.

Feeling ridiculous about falling for one of her father’s captures she seeks help from Joey Lupo a young strapping fella from whom she grew up with, to help come up with the idea on how to get the money to the DiFore’s before her father gets killed. The chemistry between the characters is sizzling, Tiny has two men pinning for her attention, but who will she pick?

In this one week Tiny learns more about herself than she has done her whole life. Her transformation into a woman is hectic but nothing she cannot control, going into underground clubs and playing a deceiving game she is a brand new woman comes end of the week.

Tiny is a great character, she is very strong willed which you wouldn’t really suspect from woman back in the 1920’s, she is also quite deceptive and manages to get Joey and Ezno wrapped around her finger... well to some extent.


I have never read any type of historical books especially those of the early 1900's. That was until I saw the cover that I was drawn and felt that I had to read it. The cover is beautiful, classy but with a hint of sexiness to it.
White Chalk - Pavarti K. Tyler WHAT I THOUGHT:

There is nothing more heartbreaking than someone so young having to grow up way too fast. Michelle "Chell" Whitney a thirteen year old in eighth grade who knows this all too well. This is a devastating tale of a young girl trying to just simply live only to be dealt what most thirteen years olds should not have to deal with. This is a tale about love, neglect, sex and death.

Chell's home home life isn't easy, with a father who is always drunk and a mother who is always out working trying to make ends meat, Chell has had to grow up and fast. So instead of hanging out with friends and going to parties Chell is the one to clean the house everyday from her father's drunken antics and wash the family clothes on weekends just so her mother can get a some rest. So when the new junior, Troy walks into Chell's life she instantly finds solace from all that has been brought up to torment her.
"He looked up only once and, by the smirk on his wide full lips, i knew id been caught staring. It didn't really matter. i'd fallen instantly and obsessively in love, but not the kind of teenage drama crap you might expect. No, this was the real soul-wrenching kind of love. I'd never be the same again"
Troy not realising his mistake befriends Chell and invites her to hang out with him to meet his new friends not realising she is somehow hopelessly "in love" with him. I find the relationship between the two to be an unusual one, the signs are quite heavy between the two of them leaving Chell to be left ultimately distraught when Troy starts dating the beautiful, alternative Xiu.

In the end it is Troy's selfish actions that tip Chell over the edge even after she was told that it probably would not end too well... for her.
"Look I love the kid, but he's an ass. He's a seventeen-year-old boy- he has no choice but to be an ass..."

From the get go Chell has been taken advantage of and not just by her parent's but by someone who she should feel she would be safe with and this is where the story gets a bit sore. Sometimes we forget that Chell is just a thirteen year old girl, how she acts and they way her parents seem to not worry about her whereabouts i would say this girl is living the life of someone who should be in college. So when we find out that her teacher, Mr Harris has been taking advantage of her we almost don't process that Mr Harris is in fact a pedophile.

I don't particular read books that have situations / acts of pedophillia but the way Parvarti writes the scenes and the way she portrays Chell as a character almost softens the blow.

What is most upsetting is when she is with Mr Harris the way she speaks to him and the way she feels that she is in control and has a choice in what she gives and receives should not be the mind of someone so young. Mr Harris and a brilliant manipulator and acts almost like he has a split personality filling the void of the father she most desperately needs and the lover she so desperately wants.
"Mr Harris ran his hand up and down his thighs, his breathing strained. Seeing him like that, holding back but almost in pain from what I did, thrilled me. I was important. I was wanted."
Chell's scars aren't only internal but also physical, we don't know how long for but we know that Chell self harms to escape the pain of life, sucoming to the nnumbness she feels when she see her blood drop to the floor tiles. Some people go through life neglecting, judging and even mocking situations like Chell's and are too afraid to intervene or help, putting up a wall so girls and boys like Chell feel like they can't ask for help, even when that help has finally been extended to them.

This book covers a lot of heartache and the ending left me in such a shock it will forever be stuck in my head. I give this book a rating of 5*. Be warned though this book is not for the lighthearted you will be left feeling like you've just been punched in the stomach.

The cover art fits this book perfectly, with the warm tones of magenta and red we see the combination of the love, lust, anger, death just by the colour pallet. The model fits the bill brilliantly, the model is young and beautiful with big doe eyes which can tell a story. The cover almost feels quite grown up ad quite harsh until were thrown that little bit on innocence with the lollipop.
Giving You Forever (The Forever Series, #4) - Ashley Wilcox The series was altogether pretty consistent, receiving 3-4* from myself, i think maybe the series lacks a bit of structure. I can see where Ashley wants to go and i felt maybe the series could have been executed better.

I'm not a big fan of the covers but this one is the better out of the series. With this cover we are able to see the target audience which is definitely necessary when we have a New Adult novels. As the cover looks a little raunchy we can also see what might be within the book.

Told from two POVs one from Alexia and the other from Nolan we delve a little further to the hot couple. After being together for a year Alexia has a lovely rock on her finger and Nolan will do anything for her.

Three years of being engaged Alexia struggles to deal with the pressure of organizing a wedding while Nolan, after using his parent's inheritance, is struggling juggling his time trying to open his own gym and making sure Alexia is taken care of. This is where the cracks start to show.

This book is definitely a lot more mature than Ashley's first three books we see a lot more expression in the characters sexual desires with explicit scenes not suitable for anyone 18 years and under. This is how we see that Nolan and Alexia have clearly been leading more of a physical relationship than an emotional one.

Due to the fact Alexia needs help planning a wedding Nolan agrees for her to hire a wedding planner, little does she know the wedding planner, Meg, is someone from Nolan's past who he likes to keep hidden. When Nolan surprises Alexia by meeting her for a meeting at a florist in which Meg attends he is overcome with rage embarrassing Alexia and leading him to come clean about his tragic past.

I liked this novel because in Planning on Forever (#1) we don't really know anything about Nolan other than he is an older guy, so it was nice to see a little bit behind the curtain. It is pretty clear he has lead such a difficult life from his teens which still torments to this day. Alexia i find to be a little spoiled, i didn't see this so much in the first book but I could see it was there. I think it is shown more in this book due to the fact when Nolan was seventeen he lost his little princess so he is using Alexia to fill the void that was created when he lost that special person in his life.

There was never a doubt in mind that either of them were not devoted to each other even when Nolan tries pushing Alexia away, thinking he causes everyone pain he is left tormented and blames himself for the majority if not all the problems in everyone else lives including the tragic death of his parents who died on board one of the planes that crashed into the Twin Towers on 9/11. It's then up to Alexia to help level him out and help him overcome all the tragedies in his life.
Divergent - Veronica Roth I'm beginning to like Dystopian novels, I bought this on Paperback AGESSS ago but then a few days a go i realized i wanted to try some audio books and i thought Divergent would be a great candidate for this.

It was intense and powerful and i'm looking forward to progressing with the series :)