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Sworn - Emma Knight I really don't like writing bad reviews...

Anyway, Sworn was one of my "ooh it's free, let see if it's a good read". Unfortunately I didn't enjoy the book, the story line didn't really stay on track for me. I like to have a guess at the plot but I thought this book was a typical "half book", I haven't read the second book as of yet but I'm sure if they were put together to make 1 book it might seen less jumpy and maybe more in tune. There was just too much going on in so little time, plus I thought maybe some of the "scenes" could have been extended and written more in depth.

I didn't understand why the book finished where it finished...? We know the book will have something to do with Vampires ( it's in the title)but it was literally the last 1/4 of the book until we have any interaction with any paranormal being. I just didn't understand the format.