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The Journals of Kara and Jason - Charlie Wood WHAT I THOUGHT:
This book was a very easy and breezy read, it was nice to read something quite simple and a little witty at some stages just to pass the time.

The cover art to this story is great, it fits the brief perfectly. The book is told in the format of two journals and the journal cover above works great (especially as it reminds me of Harriet the Spy, yeah I went there!). The cover is quite young and really pulls in it's younger target audience.

The story opens up to Kara's diary of her starting eighth grade, her best friend of two years has decided she is all of a sudden not friend's with Kara and instead is now best friends with the most popular kids in school. This leaves Kara's heart wounded and open.

During Kara's first journal entries she talks about meeting a rather strange boy, Jason. She notices him across the playground where some of the more popular kids decide it would be fun to torture him by flicking elastic bands at his face, the weirdest things though- he would not react. After Kara's entry we are then followed by having Jason's entry and how he met the nicest girl and it was the 5th person to say hello to him who wasn't an adult.

The first half of the book we see Kara and Jason getting close, becoming best friends. Kara teaches the dorky but funny foreign exchange student about life in America and her love of animals. When Jason leaves suddenly to go back to "Iceland" Kara is left heartbroken again, within one year she has had two people who she cared about most leave her what she doesn't expect is 4 years later when she's in high school for the now hot foreign exchange student to be standing in the school hallway looking at her...

I found this book so funny and lighthearted it definitely was an breezy read. I would recommend people of 11-14 years to read this book (not that older people can't read it, I just think the reading age is around about there). If this book was meant for a more older audience I think the second half of the book could've been extended and for that to be the sole focus of the story.

The beginning of the story is very relatable to any young 14 year old girl who has had a falling out with her best friend. I should know, i was once a 14 year old girl and i also once (or twice or three times) had fell out with friends. It was like a blast from the past in terms of the feeling portrayed out on the page.