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Our Souls to Keep (Our Souls to Keep, #1) - Gary A. Caruso WHAT I THOUGHT:
I'm not usually one to like books that are narrated from a male point of you, I tend to go for ones with a female narrative just because i can envision myself within the novel. The book was great and it was very easy to set myself a pace.

I like the idea around the cover art i just wish it didn't look so out dated. He has everything he needs for the cover to relate to the story but the visuals need to be more current.

We open up the story to meet Wake, a Human/Demon who sold his soul to the devil to save his mother's soul from perishing in the depths of hell. He has now become a collector of souls, a demon who persuades humans (by taking Possession of something/someone they trust) to take their own life so the gates of Heaven are closed to them.

During the first few chapters we meet Wake, Wake has started to feel remorse for his actions of forcing someone to take their own life which is something he is not used to. When he sold his soul all of his human emotions other than hate and greed were taken away. Satan is the one to manipulate Wake's feeling and because of this he gives him a new big assignment, Wake receives a file on a pregnant High School student- it is his mission to make sure the girl, Annemarie takes her own life so the life of her unborn child will also perish in hell.

As i said i'm not really used to reading books that aren't from a woman's perspective, but I found this novel absolutely refreshing. I could probably see how the story would pan out from Annemarie's side and that could be a short novel in itself but because it's solely from Wake's point of view and I believe we're given more details in the story than we would if it was reversed. In fact i think Jamie Maguire's third book in her providence series; Eden, is quite similar if the roles were reversed.

I could easily see this book being made into a movie, it was rather visual and I love it when authors can make me conjure up a strong picture in my head which is what Gary has done so well. I didn't find myself to be rushed through and I couldn't find any loose ends within the story.