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The Greatest Love Story of All Time - Lucy Robinson This book was really outstanding, i love how the story opens up with Fran in bed living in total dismay. Her three best friends and gin drinkers, Stefania (the crazy exotic vegan), Leonie (the red-headed, man lover who is also her longest friend), then Dave (the Glaswegian, chain smoking, camera man) bust down the door to her home to pull her out of the crazy hole she's dug herself.

Fran, is a typical 30 year old woman living in London trying to make herself a big career in television, when she's given a chance in 2008 to go to Kosovo for a few days for a report, she meets a gorgeous reporter Michael, in whom she practically falls for in one day. when he's secures a transfer back to London and starts work for the Independent, they both are completely and utterly head over heels in love with each other.

the title of the book is quite comical, when you think "love story" you'd expect a something happy with a few speed bumps where as this is positively the opposite. You are thrown into the cold streets of London, you meet real people (although Stefania's identity is rather laughable towards the end), hear how real people talk and I must say i love the over use of the word cunt. The story is crazy, and yet the story is real.

This book proves that love can do such nasty things to your head, throughout the pages it becomes more of a manual for "how not to do things" when you're on a break... even though we'll probably ignore it...

This book is bloody damn brilliant! If you're on a break, READ IT, if you're broken-up/single, READ IT, and if like me you're all cosy and in a relationship, READ IT. It's one of the most funniest yet emotional books I've read and I utterly love it. 5*