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Eighty Days Yellow - Vina Jackson I've been quite intrigued by the all of a sudden festish and BDSM boom in books recently. Everywhere I go (tesco, waterstones, asda etc) I'm seeing various selection of fiction books about this lifestyle.

I've already purchased a few books within this genre and I must say, although the title bugs me, this book was rather refreshing. for once the characters haven't had some unfortunate sexual trauma while growing up steering them into a life of domination/submission - it's about two people finding themselves sexually through a more natural occurrence (even though i doubt many people would follow through to the rather random requests Dominik thrusts upon Summer in the early part of their relationship).

Definitely 4* - great story, well written, definitely a good contrast to some of the fictional BDSM books out there, beautifully delicate artwork on the covers