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Vindicate (Insight, #5) - Jamie Magee I love every little thing about Jamie's writing and she continues to WOW me in this book. Her imagination is something of value and every book I read another door opens in my mind.

I love the different points of views in the Insight and See series and I definitely preferred the Insight version better.

In this book we see the roles reversed, usually Willow is the helpless damsel and Landon and Drake have been there to help her through the tests but now both the people that she has become dependant on now need her help. So she goes looking for the only thing she can and that is who wrote the song!


I love the twists and turns in this book and I love how much my imagination comes to life in the dream realm, Jamie depicts her surroundings beautifully which helps us visualise what she sees. I cannot wait until Enflamed is out, ill never want the series to end