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Influential Magic - Deanna Chase Well, I’m so glad i was given this for review. I stated in my previous book hauls that I wanted to read a good vampire novel as i hadn’t read one in such a long time, and not only is this packed with vampires but with witches and faeries too. So before I go any further I wanted to break up my review into sections to help with my “rating” system, I still haven’t clicked a rate system on my kindle yet so once i have finished what i’m writing i’ll have a better understanding and thought to what i truly feel about that book.

Okay, okay i really am one big sucker for covers, i will admit though I am one of those ignorant people that does judge a book by it’s cover and if i’m honest if this book hadn’t been something that was given to me for review i probably would’ve bypassed it because i didn’t like the cover all that much. To me the cover doesn’t really show what the story is about, I feel it comes across too light hearted and extremely young when the story was pretty much action packed and kicked some mystical ass! Although saying that if we replaced the font and got rid of the “word art” inspired colouring we probably would have something more in sync with the book. Sometimes having the right typography helps.
Willow has spent a few months back home and hanging out with her friend Talisen after being dumped by her boyfriend over text. Once she heads back to New Orleans she is thrown back into her life as an agent for the Arcane, fighting against vampires with her partner and roommate Phoebe, who happens to be a powerful witch. On the night she returns she finds out that her ex boyfriend David has been turned into a vampire....
The story is told in first person to the character Willow, to me this gave me a close connection to her throughout the book. I did however quite often drift and wondered what was going through the other characters heads.
I probably would’ve preferred a prologue to the book, maybe something leading back to when Willow and Talisen found her twin brother’s body in the lavender field 4 years prior and maybe an explanation to the reader that faeries, witches and vampires were of common knowledge to society; I kept having guess whether Willows faerie wings were a constant fixture or did they hide away but having knowledge that she dated a human who knew about her wings and knowing of her faerie qualities brought me to the conclusion.
I love how it was full of action, there was always something going on and some sort of twist being pulled into the plot I think the author had the balance down perfectly. It wasn’t too much or too little and i never got bored, towards the end i was glued to the pages wondering what was going to happen.
There were four main characters to the book (or five depending how you look at it). Willow, Phoebe, Talisen, David and Link. Willow is our key character with the story being told on her account, when the story opens up we are immediately shown two of Willows weakness’ opening her up to be more vulnerable, the author shows Willow to be quite dependant on her friend Phoebe and her Shih Tzu that turns wolf (yes that’s correct turns wolf), Link. I do feel sorry for the Willow character quite a bit through the book but i do feel towards the end she does overcome the dependency and eventually learns to trust the right people
Phoebe our next character is our awesome witch, not only does she work with Willow at the Arcane but she is also her roommate and friend. Throughout the book I’m not sure I trust Phoebe all that much, there just seems to be too much information she keeps hidden from her supposed friend. Talisen is our love interest Fae, I kind of felt Talisen wasn’t a necessary character; i just felt he was someone kept as a love interest for Willow and someone of comfort. David the ex turned Vamp, I quite liked David as a character and I think he might actually be my favourite character. His personality was pretty chilled except for when Willow rattled his cage and we were always being thrown of whether to trust him or not and i felt how easy it was for Willow to fall for him.
I really enjoyed this book, I’m beginning to think I like a bit of Urban Fantasy. Despite the cover I really did enjoy this book, of course no book is perfect and there were a few niggles for me but I would recommend this book to anyone to likes a bit of action packed fantasy.
I give this a rating of 4*.