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Walking in the Shadows - Cassandra Giovanni, E.S. Tom image
Was quite excited to receive this book for review, the synopsis just jumped out to me. I liked the most about this book was that is was such an easy read and of course i'm a big sucker for forbidden love stories.

I am all for the concept of the cover art but i find it too distracting. There just seems too much going on. I didn't even see the girl behind the gate until I looked up close. The combination of the colour font against the picture doesn't work too well. Unfortunately I'm not a fan.

The story was great, it was told in the first person of Abigail/ Vera a girl who has put herself into the witness protection programme because her parents were killed one night by a serial killer obsessed with the Vampire Films 'Crimson Reign'. Vera moved herself over 100 miles away to a new town, despite the fact she's seventeen and lives on her own she still attends school and is a big British Lit fan.

She meets Tad Knightly a gorgeous guy who happens to have majored in British Lit at college and will be starting his first teaching post... at Vera's School. throughout the book we see Vera and Tad trying to come to terms with the student / teacher relationship. We also see Vera fighting the battle of who killed her parents and when the serial killer strikes again at the same Winter Formal Vera attends, it's all too much.

I love how we are faced with two issues on this book, usually when we read forbidden love stories between students and teachers usually authors concentrate solely on that issue, with this book Cassandra does something a little different by bringing another problem into the mix.

One of the main problems I had with this book was that I felt like I was being rushed through the story and i finished this book surprisingly quickly, also I would've liked to have read about Vera's and Tad's relationship prior to the school year as the book opens up when Vera walks into the classroom.

I really liked Abigail / Vera, I believe no matter what anyone else believes she is a strong woman. She had to deal with the death of her parents and she was thrust into society at seventeen trying to earn a living and carrying on her education with no one to grieve with. I understand full well that she doesn't have time for friends doing what she's doing but i applaud her because she does try.

I actually strongly disliked Tad, I felt he was pushy especially when it came to the romantic relationship between himself and Vera. I think in the higher position he was in he should not have been the one trying to pursue the relationship but he did. I also disliked the fact he kept saying to Vera that she shouldn't be going through things alone to which he constantly put himself there but then as soon as Vera tries making a friend he lightly mocks her choice.

I give this a rating of...