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What She Reads (UK)

The Loved, The Lost, The Dreaming - Michelle Browne Wow, just wow. there is so much wonder behind the words written in this book. This book is not one for rushing, it takes time to read but you'll want to read every word through every breath. The first half we are in a dystopian horror novel, where everyone lives underground through tunnels, above ground they are faced with conflict of going mad because of the dust that took over the world many years ago. Not only that, we are faced with nightmares coming to life. This novel explores sexual relationships in deeper detail, as well as the intricate goings on of the mind.

The second half we are faced with eleven short stories, only really lasting a length of a chapter. We're forced into the mind of the writers, telling stories of how unreal our fairy tale stories we grew up with are wrong and the conflicts of mad men.

The cover is so simple and beautiful, i love the symbolism of the flower showing how delicate the human mind truly is. It is definitely something you would not expect considering it's contents.

I give this a rating of...5*