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Cry Devil - Viviana Ware WOW, this was such a chilling and addictive read.

...what I found rather creepy was when I finished the book at 2am I of course went sleep, when I awoke the hubby told me about these dreams he had... the dreams he had were the plot of the book...

i never told him the plot or what even the book i was reading was called... spooky or what?


The cover rather beautiful and very engaging. It stands out and I can imagine people stopping at the book stand just to take a look at the book. There is a delicacy to the cover which I find matches Grace's mind and personality to a T.


The story is told within the second person narrative, and when i first opened the book i just happened to be all alone so I decided to read it aloud. the opening paragraphs were chilling and hearing myself talk in this way sent shivers down my spine. Never is my life have a been so compelled by such a writing style.

The story opens with a crash, a fatal crash that takes away Grace's father, her identical twin sister Jude was also thrown from the card but got away with little / no physical injuries. After Grace awakes from her medically induced coma she attends her father funeral where she passes out and head back into hospital for two weeks, leaving Jude to carry on ahead to move in with their Grandmother Marilyn on an Island called Vitoria.

When Grace is released from the hospital she catches a Ferry from the mainland over to Vitoria. While on the Ferry she meets Elijah, someone who feels and looks troubled himself, once they reach the island they go their separate ways but Jude hasn't met her at the dock instead her Grandmother has sent a family friend to pick her up and bring her home.

that night when Jude is home she wakes Grace up and brings her to the Spring Break Bonfire blowout... everyone will attend. Grace meets Jude's new boyfriend Lucas and friends Sienna, Gavin & Essie. She also learn about the rumours about Elijah's past and recent breakup with Sienna. At the end of the night there is just seven left... Grace, Jude, Lucas, Sienna, Gavin, Essie and Elijah. Sienna happens to have a spell book and Essie has bought some Ecstasy from the mainland. They all take one, they all do a spell and one walks through fire.. and burns alive...

Immediately from the opening we are left wanting to know more, the style of writing is haunting but very much beautiful at the same time, you almost forget in some parts it is a horror story. My emotions were so conflicted and changed at the drop of the hat when characters emotions changed.


The Characters... THE CHARACTERS! I loved them, all of them, each one had something compelling about them. Grace, wow, she just cannot seem to catch a break at all. Her mind is all over the place, trying to come to terms with her father's death, her sister's new look and her sister's new friends who happen to be enticing. Jude is a character in her own right, we're told right at the beginning the girls are identical in every way, once Jude gets to the Island she's changed, she dyed her hair lilac and her personality just seems off which is something Grace seems conflicted with.

Marilyn is such a stern woman, we don't learn much about Marilyn except she is deeply religious carrying around her rosary everywhere she goes and preys at anytime. We know from the start that she doesn't want to adopt her granddaughters but as there is only a few months till graduation she has no real choice.

Lucas, Elijah, Sienna and Gavin the Islands Royal delinquents, we find out three families own the Island, the first is Lucas' family, second is Elijah's and third Grace & Jude's grandmother Marilyn and all have been names with a Royal Status. Sienna royal by association after dating Elijah for three years to break it off 3 months prior due to adultery and decides to date the school's man whore, Gavin. Throughout we see Sienna dangle her's and Gavin's relationship in front of Elijah not to mention we were constantly reminded that Elijah wants Sienna back but it doesn't stop him wanting Grace too... there is so much loss, hurt and betrayal going on with the six teens it's almost too intense to read.

I give this a rating of...5*