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Dream Student - J.J. DiBenedetto,  Ami Low (Illustrator) given to read for an honest review
sorry guys but i couldn't find the feed to share my review

This was quite a difficult read for me, purely for the fact the book was in a PDF format and not in a mobi format, which meant I couldn't read it on my kindle because the writing was extra small. So in the end I read it on my iPad which still wasn't ideal, even though this was a bit of a problem for me this will not go against my rating - this is just me being a pain in the arse... Overall I liked and I didn't like the book, there was some strong areas and quite a few weak areas.

To me the cover is a little bland. I like the idea of graphic covers just when it's done right but this reminds me of a painting I would do at school. I think maybe rework the covers and there will be an wider audience for the series just because I'm not the only one that tends to judge books by their covers.

Set around 1989/90 we follow the story around Sarah Barnes who is a twenty something year old medical student. The only weird thing going on is, Sarah has started going into her classmates dreams and finding out personal secrets...

Then one night Sarah meets Brian at a club and instantly remembers him from when she ventured into his dream; about her in a tight cheerleading uniform. They hit it off completely, something Sarah likes to call 'love at first sight'.

Sarah keeps having an recurring nightmare where she witness' a murder of a young girl by fairly large man which disturbes her slumber and also her roomates as she constantly wakes up screaming. She finds the scenes so disturbing it's affecting her everyday life of being sleep deprived and the fact she keeps forgetting simple things like how she got home etc. then one day Sarah finds out the recurring nightmares she is having turns out to be real...

I liked the idea around the plot but I felt the story dragged out, DiBenedetto fed us information in tiny portions and I felt at sometimes I was bored. I felt the dialog was a bit weird, again a little all over the place and quite unrealistic but then again I was born in 1989 so times have changed I suppose.

I felt as if some scenes were a little pointless too, I don't know whether that was to keep us readers engaged or just simply showing us that Sarah does have a little bit of a life; some scenarios just didn't make sense.

What I liked about the book was Sarah's relationships with her peers around her, we see her as a normal woman growing up and dealing with the general hazards of life. Which made her even more engaging.

I liked Sarah, but I was really confused by her quick transition from her quiet and nerdy demure to an outspoken but needy girlfriend, it was quite instant and dramatic that it irritated me slightly. Now onto our love interest, Brien. Oh, Brien, he needs to speak up. It's probably just me because I quite like men with more of a strong/ alpha personality but he was annoying, in some cases I just wanted to take him by the shoulders and shake him. Also i don't get the whole "love at first sight" connection. They were together all of three days before saying "i love you" to one another? Beth, I loved Beth she reminded me of my best friend from school, and her connection with Sarah came through the story wonderfully, she definitely has Sarah's interest at heart.

The rating was quite difficult for me as there were definitely some aspect i like and some i dislikes so today...I give this a rating of...3*