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Intaglio: The Snake and the Coins - Danika Stone "And then they half-ran, half skipped the last eight blocks to her apartment, their bodies connected by their crossed arms. Half a block away, their combined shadow looks like wings of a single sea bird, wheeling in a bright sky. Two blocks further, and they looks like two boats, alone on an endless ocean. One block from that, and their joined bodies merged into a symbol of infinity."

This book was beautiful and poetic, scarring and catastrophic.


I didn't know how i felt about the cover imagery at first. I thought a little cheesy but then as i was reading the book i was amazed if fit the book perfectly. It almost reminds me of the Gone with the Wind cover with Clark Gable on the front showcasing love but a destructive undertone (as we can see ships crashing in the back)


The story is about an Art Student Ava she uses mediums of oils and acrylics creating true images of her dreams as well as her more dangerous medium spray paint, her tag well known as Booker. One day after class she finally has a conversation with another student in her core art class, a Sculptor named Cole. She has an instant connection with him, which excited but scares her at the same time. She feels as if she has known him before and he feel exactly the same way.

We are then intercepted by Kip another known graffiti artist notoriously known for his rebel against the war. He meets Ava at his art show and himself and his agent want to offer their working services to Ava getting her into an documentary and showcasing her work.

Ava and Cole both come from a troubled background. Ava's mother disappeared after abusing a six year old Ava while her father was away in Europe playing for the Symphony Orchestra. Cole grew up with a strict military father and troubled mother then at the age fourteen his older sister was killed on her first deployment from the US Army, leaving the family broken.

Ava dreams of a time once past which involve herself, Jonathan & Thomas (Kip & Cole) two love interests which appear to be part of her past life, and once she wakes she paints scenes from these dreams confusing both Cole and Kip.

To me this book is about love in all aspects. It shows us how beautiful but destructive love can be whether it be falling out with your first, second or even third love, losing the love of a parent or sibling and even gaining love; the hopes and the fears we face when we feel we might lose it. Love is powerful.


I like Ava as a person, she's had to deal with a lot and she's making something of her life the way she knows how. She a very cautious person due to her abusive mother but she eventually lets people in. I love that she has become a independent and strong woman.

I'm kind of in love with Cole, he was quiet but authoritative at the same time and he is good for Ava, their relationship is rocky and they both have a lot to learn to make it work. Kip, I DO NOT like Kip. I feel like he's one of those guys who expects everyone to drop what they're doing so he can be in control, which is exactly the opposite of how Ava treats him (Yay for Ava).

I really enjoyed this book and cannot wait to own the second book, which of course i'll need to get on paperback now :).

I give this a rating of...4*