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The Willows - Krystal McLaughlin,  Krystal George COVER ART:
I quite like the cover it goes well with the atmosphere of the story, albeit I dislike the over glow on the models face. With the way Evelyn's life had turned out with the loss of people so close to her I would've thought the cover model would look less put together.

Evelyn's life is thrown into the frying pan when her parents die. she's left with her brothers only to have Jackson, her youngest brother disappear on her. she withdraws herself from her friends and family in the hopes of finding out where her brother is and to clear up the murder suicide the cops have came up with over the disappearance over her brother Jackson and his on and off again girlfriend Piper, who has also gone missing.

On her search Evelyn find herself at The Willows a playground at an edge of the forest, when she starts to ask questions around town she is not being given the welcoming or the sympathy she might've expected. Instead she receives cold stares and warning to stay out of the woods after dark, if she knew what would be good for her she's listen.

We follow around an array of characters throughout this book it hard to introduce them all without giving away too much of the story. I quite liked the idea of this book but I didn't find it pleasing in the sense i felt it was too rushed in some areas. I'd like to know more about the gorgeous Jake Cole, and have him involved a bit more. The same with the Vampires I'd like to know more about them.

I think this book would've been better if it was spread across two books, but by the way the story finished leads me to think there might be a second book. If there is that would be great and it would help me clear up anything that was left unfinished in this book.