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Bitter Fruits - Sarah Daltry WHAT I THOUGHT:
Why, why, why Sarah? I'm so torn and frustrated. The story was great but the start of the book... I would say don't get me started but then i won't be doing myself any favours... Right, lets start.

The beginning Nora and her best friend/ college roommate, Scarlett go to this mysterious masquerade ball in a church on their school campus, it is full of Edward Cullen ("Vampire") fanatics, and as soon as Nora and Scarlett enter the church they're separated.

Nora meets Alec.

She has this instant and intense attraction to him, she is then briefly introduced to his brother Caleb who she also feels an attraction with even while she is beside Alec. As swiftly as he came, Caleb leaves them, so Alec decides to take Nora on a nighttime stroll. Things get very heated and they almost have a romp in the dirt until Chloe who is someone Nora knows from school comes out of the church screaming. Alec is gone.

I felt the book was too much sexual antics, i understand the premise of Erotica but at first it felt there was too much antics and not enough story to the point i put the book down and read another book, then of course i owed it to myself and the author to finish reading and of course to write my review.

After having a bit of a refresher (i'd say about 25% through the book) I felt the story come to life, it was intelligent and I liked Nora, granted in some areas I rolled my eyes at her but she was witty and funny and when he and Scarlett got together they were great and you could tell how strong their bond was as friends.

In regards to Alec and Caleb in all honesty i was more drawn to Caleb, I think mainly due to the fact his relationship with Nora started in the middle of the story while Alec's started at the beginning when I wasn't feeling too connected.

I would like to see the cover look a bit more simple, I think there is a bit too much going on and it's also quite dark and the different fonts don't work well together. I like the "Bitter Fruits" font as i feel is works well with what the story is about but the other two just clutter it up.