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Date with the Dead (Ripsters, #1) - Chris  Myers REVIEW:

An outstanding, fun and witty book. Full of mystery the book has a strong plot and was executed brilliantly. I never felt out of the loop which i can sometimes feel with Paranormal/Mystery novels.

Jolie Livingston is not some ordinary girl, no, Jolie can see and talk to the dead which helps her with a quest to get them into the afterlife. The only problem, Jolie and her mother have to move to Plymouth after her aunt Ophelia is suspected dead after gone missing at sea and also her only friend and best friend is Drew... who is dead. Now setting up her Ripsters business in Plymouth she attracts the attention of Reece, Haydan and Brit and more of Brit's Lacrosse 'friends' who just want to cause trouble.

Jolie is a great character, she is very level headed and knows what to do and say. The only thing Jolie doesn't know, is how to have friends or let people close. Jolie has been pretty content over the last year and a half with Drew so when Reece shows up as a double booked ghost hunter at the same case she was hired at she realises it is best for both of them to work together as she has more knowledge about ghosts and he has all the equipment to track them.

What I loved about the book was that is was such an easy and chilled read, the plot didn't get too complicated and Chris Myers definitely covered her tracks to make sure there was no lose ends. The characters were great and all added a little something extra.

Drew: Drew is our annoying but loveable ghost. Drew attached himself to Jolie a year and a half ago after Jolie was contacted by his parents after an accidental suicide. Even though Drew is dead he is there to help Jolie wherever and whenever she needs it.

Reece: Reece is the ultra smart guy who almost competes on an intellectual level with Jolie, he is also quite rich which obviously helps when it comes to the equipment needed for their ghost hunting. When the other members start joining Rispters we see a change in his attitude, as Reece is the only one not to have any sort of 'powers' he is almost left out, well except he sneezes and snots all over the place when a ghost is near him.

Brittany: Brittany is the pink covered SAP, literally covered in pink from head to toe! She is outspoken and also a daddy's little girl which gets her her own way quite a lot. Brit is also like Jolie and can see ghosts the only difference is that Brittany can touch them too unlike Jolie who wishes she could.

Hayden: Hayden is Jolie's love interest but hallelujah it is not at the forefront of the novel. We're introduce to Hayden pretty quickly at the beginning of the novel, we learn that he has just lost his mother in a car crash and seems to be on a slippery slope with his emotions. Jolie lets her selfless self take over as she learns that Hayden can also hear snippets of ghosts and invites him to join the group.


I really like how we see Jolie on the cover but I wish there was just something more...or even cropped closer on the face. The font really needs some work as i don't particularly think it work, especially with the emboss effect.