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Love Square (Love Square, #1) - Jessica Ingro REVIEW:

Closure, one word that seems all too familiar for most people, closure can be good but can also hurt but not having full closure can be all too damaging. This is a story of love, betrayal, lust and forgiveness. Oh, and a lot of sex!!
To all the women out there trying to find themselves... this is for you"

Samantha Monroe has been married for 10 years to Aiden, her college sweetheart but recently home life has been a bit tough. Failing to get pregnant Sam and Aiden have pulled back into themselves resulting into cold hugs and non existent kisses. Nowadays all Sam wants to do is find a way to regain her and Aiden's lost love but one book signing changes those plans.

Samantha is dumbstruck when she sees Jacob Matthews, her high school 'mess around' coming to see her at her book signing one afternoon. Jake was the one that broke her heart and got away, so when Jake offers to take her out for a catch up drink she takes him up on the offer which leads to an innocent kiss starting an affair.


There was just so much to take in at the beginning of the book, everything happened too quickly, but i suppose it does show us how quickly these situations can escalate. In the beginning Samantha told Jacob she was married and even pushed him away when he kissed her but as soon as he pays her attention a couple of weeks later she puts her marriage on the back burner.

"You can't sit there and talk like that to me! It's not fair, damn it! You're putting me in a horrible position. Are you really that selfish to make me choose? I chose to spend the rest of my life with Aiden. That isn't the type of decision you make lightly" - Samantha Monroe

It was quite hard reading this book because there is so much betrayal to the point i was squinting and feeling quite worried about reading the next line... yes that's right I was squinting! I disliked Jake from the beginning and throughout this book he did not even gain my sympathy, he was manipulator and a home wrecker as he was the one to pursue Samantha knowing full well she was married. I'm not saying Sam was not at fault though because she very much was, because of course it takes two to tango.

Samantha though did gain my sympathy, cheating is never right and to be honest the excuses are inexcusable but there are thousand of women and men out there that do go through this spell, before she started the affair she definitely should have spoken to Aiden or try and see the situation from his side. There is nothing worse than a relationship with no communication. She even gained my sympathy every time she tried to break of the relationship with Jacob but he ALWAYS found a way to worm himself back under her skin by either getting angry or forcing himself on her with kisses and touches to which she gives in.

"You don't get to walk away from us, Sam. Do you hear me? You are mine, baby! Mine!" - Jacob Matthews

I loved Aiden as a character, right from the start i knew there was a problem and i did hope he himself wasn't having an affair but i could tell something was definitely bothering him to the point he wasn't even making conversation with Samantha. Even what we learn at the end of the book I liked Aiden, all he wants is to love his wife and make sure she is well looked after and happy and he clearly learns from his mistake of shutting her out.

"You can't expect him to know what you're thinking. No guy is going to be like one of your book boyfriends. Women write those characters, not men."
Overall the book was intense but I just didn't like how quick the start was in fact it put me off quite a bit to the point i had to put it down for a few days. Luckily the rest of the book was able to bring me back up to liking it.

I like how this cover does not look like every other New Adult novel cover, but unfortunately it does have 'kissy face' x2 which i am getting slightly bored of seeing. I also am not a fan of colour on black and white. I'm a big No, No for colour splashes and a lot of book covers seem to be doing this a lot. I just want to hit the designers upside the head and shout "NO!".