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High Risk Love - Shannon Mayer What would you do when your whole life has come crashing down? Both parents are dead and you've just had to watch your last light of life diminish in your arms. Jasmin has had to deal with a lot over the last five years. Mourning for too long after her brother's death, Jasmin has come to the realisation she needs a job to start paying for all the medical bills and home expenses before she's out on her butt. Jasmin realises that it is probably best to try for a job at her best friend Lily's workplace.

WILD CHILD is the hot new magazine which sets up interviews with the up and coming stuntmen / daredevils and they happen to be looking for a photographer. Jasmin is almost reluctant to take the job, after the hardship of losing people so close to her she just doesn't understand why anyone would risk their life for the fun of it. After impressing Paul, the manager at WILD CHILD she is sent on her trial assignment to Mexico for find out about Jet the ever growing stuntman who lets nothing get in his way. There is only one rule, do NOT sleep with the interviewee...but as soon as she gets to Mexico she is hit on by an obnoxious but gorgeous guy which only just turns out to be Jet!


A creative and exciting plot. I was rather excited to be given this book to review, being a photographer myself I know all the struggles of finding a job in said field but I was a little struck to realise that photography wasn't a passion of Jasmin's just merely a hobby, this itself left me feeling a slight negative.

The story is told from two POVs of both Jasmin and Jet. Right the way we are were thrown into Jet's point of view which is quite hard to read at first knowing what he goes through while growing up, then instantly after the first chapter we're with Jasmin and witnessing her heartache.

What i loved about the book was the feelings mixing around, both Jet and Jasmin haven't had the best lives and have had to deal with some crap growing up but they instantly connect. Due to the fact they both understand each other they are able to release the other and make them feel free. Although their connection is somewhat alluring Jasmin struggles letting Jet close, 1) because if she gets too close she might not be able to keep her job at WILD CHILD and 2) she's lost so much already and due to the risks of Jet's work can she go through the heartache again if anything happens to him... that's if she lets him get close.

What i disliked about the book is that at some points it felt a little impersonal, what i like about books like this is the tight nit characters but everyone now and then we were given a new name and sometimes names that were too similar i had to think back to see if that character was the one i was thinking of!

Jet is a loose cannon, from all the beats he had growing up made him and his little brother into the men they are today but sometimes the damage can seem too impariabe. Jet has had to live with a life of blame, blame for who he is and for not protecting himself and his brother sooner. Losing their mother at a young age, Jet's father remarried and became a child's worst nightmare. So now, Jet likes to keep his feelings at bay but when he meets Jasmin he cannot control himself... from all the women he's slept with and lost himself in he has NEVER felt the connection as he does with Jasmin which excites but scares the hell out of him.

Jet as a character was exciting and he was exhausting. I really feel Shannon portrayed Jet perfectly from his obnoxious ways to his cuddly charms. Jet is quite loveable, we can see instantly how much he cares about his friends and his brother which of course is always a striking charm with men.

Jamin was definitely a lot harder to read, she not only placed a barrier with Jet but also with the readers. Now and then we were able to crack the happy facade and see her true colours but the majority of the time she wouldn't allow us to get to know her. Again Sharron's way of writing her characters is amazing, she really sends across the messages perfectly.


This cover was created by Okay Creations. I like this cover, it's vibrant and even though it's quite busy it not too distracting at all. Plus of course is receives bonus points for NOT having **Kissy face**!!