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Epiphany - Christina Jean Michaels A very hectic and crushing story. Mystery/thriller mixed with Paranormal Michaels really bought the story to life in a compelling way.

Mackenzie "Mac" Hill moves to Watcher's Point in hopes at starting a new life, after leaving a boyfriend who doesn't trust her and a mother that lied about who her father, she decides it is time to move on. After months of living in Watcher's Point (a town to which her mother grew up) and befriending her luscious red headed neighbour and co-worker Six she's finally starting to let her hair down that is until she bumps into Aidan.

Staring down at the guy she has drew and dreamt about intimately for two years Mackenzie can't believe he is real and not only that why is he in town and why now?

All of a sudden a death of a girl who was tortured, raped and then hung is to be believed to have been the work of a serial killer from Boise and Mackenzie witnessed the whole thing... in her dreams. Mackenzie doesn't believe she is psychic but she can't come up with any other explanation. Then she dreams of an attack on Aidan on Halloween night the same night that drags her down the rabbit hole to the mysteries of Watcher's Point, Aidan Payne and the Boise Hangman.


I really enjoyed this book, and I was surprised i liked this book as much as i did. We are instantly in suspense from the get go, the prologue teases us so much that we're constantly waiting for the scene to take place. All the way through, it was a guessing game. Not once did Christina Michaels give us any clues to who the murderer was, but she gave a little things so we could come up with motives for everyone making us understand Mackenzie and Aidan's anxiety.

I loved 4/5ths of this book, it was catchy and kept us on edge but it wasn't until the end where everything got a bit full on. There was a bit too much going on for my liking but as I know this is the first book in the Legacy of Payne series that we may simply being introduced to what might occur in the next novels. The story held so much suspense and was focused on the killings and Mackenzie's psychic ability rather than her and Aidan's relationship... well, that is until the end.

The story is told from the POV of Mackenzie, a character in which i found stubborn but lonely. From going to having everything, a loving boyfriend who she'd known since fourth grade and a career ahead of her, her life stops in a blink of an eye as she goes from her easy going life to working in a bar serving Officer Judd and his on again/off again girlfriend (and to be believed Mackenzie's half sister) Christie. Mackenzie's guard is pretty high. She is very tough and very adamant when she tells men "no" but she is so mesmerized by Aidan and what he may symbolise in her life she lets him in quite willingly.

Aidan was a character I adored, he was strong, sexy and just masculine and i love that in a lead male character, of course he's only a dream guy but he was just compelling and he stood his ground. As he gets close to Mackenzie he is nothing if not devoted to her, as he tries to protect her the best he can as she is now involved in the Hangman killings. My only issue is that he is trusted so easily by Mackenzie and she doesn't bat an eyelid to his many quirky mannerisms.

About 3/5ths of the way through we are hit with a pretty big twister on the book, something quite disturbing and it was interesting to see how Michaels played this scenario out. I just wish when Mackenzie finds out about the truth that she focused not on just her but on Aidan too as they both would need the support to figure out the issue at hand.

I thoroughly enjoyed the plot, is was smooth and transitioned effortlessly I will definitely be keeping an eye out for the next book in the series as I want to know more about Aidan and maybe he brother Logan, maybe the next book will be about him *fingers crosses*.


There is a touch of femininity to the cover which i love as if we took away the pink on the cover we would have a classic mystery/thriller cover. I wasn't a great fan of the font treatment on 'Epiphany' but I have grown to tolerate it, maybe even like it!