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Speak Easy - Melanie Harlow REVIEW:

We’re transported back into the 1920’s where the Gin is cold but the Piano’s HOT... Okay. Okay, I won’t do it again so enough Chicago referencing for me. This is the debut, tantalizing and dangerous novel by Melanie Harlow. Unbelievably nerve tingling you’ll be grabbing the edge of your seat, oh and you might as well start pouring yourself a G&T, like now!

We’re invited into the life of Tiny a twenty year old nursing student who is working for her father’s bootlegging business for importing booze from Canada. Taking care of her two kid sister’s while her father works on cars creating secret compartments Tiny just wants more out of life.

Then one week her life turns upside down.

After the beautiful but mysterious guy who has movie star looks that any woman would swoon over, starts coming into her older sisters shop buying packs of cigarettes with $50 notes she is totally smitten. Little does she know he is Ezno ‘the sheik’ DiFore, the son of mobster Angel DiFore who has been bothering Tiny’s father with the promise of “protection” for his bootlegging business. Due to her father ignoring the DiFore’s, he gets himself kidnapped which then Tiny has to then come up with the ransom money, all $10,000 of it.

Feeling ridiculous about falling for one of her father’s captures she seeks help from Joey Lupo a young strapping fella from whom she grew up with, to help come up with the idea on how to get the money to the DiFore’s before her father gets killed. The chemistry between the characters is sizzling, Tiny has two men pinning for her attention, but who will she pick?

In this one week Tiny learns more about herself than she has done her whole life. Her transformation into a woman is hectic but nothing she cannot control, going into underground clubs and playing a deceiving game she is a brand new woman comes end of the week.

Tiny is a great character, she is very strong willed which you wouldn’t really suspect from woman back in the 1920’s, she is also quite deceptive and manages to get Joey and Ezno wrapped around her finger... well to some extent.


I have never read any type of historical books especially those of the early 1900's. That was until I saw the cover that I was drawn and felt that I had to read it. The cover is beautiful, classy but with a hint of sexiness to it.