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Pretty Dark Nothing - Heather L. Reid Quinn Taylor had everything she needed, head cheerleader, perfect jock boyfriend, star student and a beautiful home life. That is until her father decided to take off with another woman. Eighteen months pass. Eighteen months of nightmares, with so much destruction from the Demons invading her dreams Quinn has resulted to insomnia.

With high energy drinks and caffeine pills Quinn loses everything, her boyfriend and cheer leading caption spot and all to Kerstin. With her grades going down Quinn is slowly losing who she is even more so when the Demons decide to attack outside of her dreamscape. What has she done to deserve such cruelty? Has she finally lost it? Demons aren't real, are they?

Aaron has held some dark secrets, after he was brought back to life twice he has been able to see into other people's minds with just a touch of skin on skin. The only problem is he can't remember anything before his coma.


It's been awhile since I read such an amazing paranormal story. With my summer being taken over by my love for New Adult I decided with the A/W months I should get back into the spirit (pun intended) of reading paranormal/fantasy. This story really had me engaged from the beginning. It was as if the Demons themselves had captured me and made me read on.

This was more of a horror paranormal than a romance paranormal. We still have romance in the plot but it was more powerful and darker than I expected.

The character development was great. We have two point of views one of course from our main character Quinn and the other again form our second character Aaron. We're introduced to Quinn first, and not lightly. She has already been suffering for months with her problem sleeping and this night she drifts off to sleep and we see what is eating her dreams and her soul. The next day we're introduced to Aaron, Aaron has noticed Quinn about school and can see that she is in a bad place and all he wants to do is help her and make her feel better. When he gets the courage to ask her out (a little help from his best friend Marcus) the unthinkable happens Quinn passes out in the hallway and Aaron catches her before she hits the ground. With this skin on skin contact Aaron is able to see she is harbouring something dark.

Quinn as a character made me nervous, with so much confusion and hate from the Demons I really was waiting for the big breakdown from her, her actions almost turn crazy. Aaron was a lovely character I really liked him but I think his amnesia has caused too much damage, he's almost too clueless to who he really is. The sub characters Marcus and Reese were great back up characters with themselves creating a relationship Aaron and Quinn then had a connection.

Over the time of the plot we see them struggle with their relationship. It is very rocky at first with both of them not really taking the time to understand each other, there are miscommunication that are caused by Quinn's Demons. With this is we start to notice that the Demons do not want Aaron around Quinn and that makes me raise questions. Throughout it is pretty much a guessing game until the very end.

The plot was great, the descriptions of Quinn's dreams were so vivid and the story was smooth. Reid was able to build the tension up in the plot to then just drop us in a heap of cold water at the end. This debut novel by Heather L. Reid was truly stunning and trembling, I will definitely be inclined to read more of her work when the time comes.